I have worked in the electrical trade for almost 10 years now. Something I have gleaned from my experience as an electrician is that to get the job done right you need the right tools. Klein has branded one of the most preferred tools within the electrical trade. Their tools are crafted to withstand the rigors of a hard days work on a dirty construction site. Comfort, coupled with superior design have set Klein apart as a leader in electrical tools manufacturing. If you are considering becoming an electrician, or you are looking to purchase the basic electrical tools needed to complete a home project, this article is aimed to help you adequately outfit your tool bag. Following is a list of basic tools that I would suggest starting out with:

  • The first, and probably the most important tool, will be your tool pouch. The tool pouch will likely be worn throughout an entire day. This means that comfort and functionality are key. I am not suggesting spending a ton of money right out of the gate, but take it from me, an uncomfortable tool belt makes for a long day. A good beginner tool pouch would be the Klein 55210 a 10 pocket leather pouch with a belt. I would also suggest purchasing a few other items to make the belt complete. The Klein 5456 hammer holder and Klein 5197 Tape Rule Holder will keep your hammer and tape measure close at hand. Lastly you will need an extra pouch to put wire nuts or staples in. I suggest the Klein 5145 Utility Pouch.
  • The second tool I would suggest is a good pair of long-nose pliers. Long-nose pliers are extremely versatile. They can be used to: Break box tabs, pull wire through a tight-corner, cut wire, form wire loops, and get in tight spaces. A good beginner pair of long-nose pliers would be the Klein D203-8.
  • Next you will need a Lineman s Tool. These are your go to pliers for cutting larger groups of wires, twisting wires together for good connections, and crimping. There are many different styles and types out there, but a good basic choice would be the Klein D213-9NETP. This particular model has an added fish tape grip to assist with hard pulls.
  • No electrician s tool belt would be complete without a set of Diagonal Cutting Pliers. These particular pliers are used for cutting things in tight spaces. And there are a lot of tight spaces within a homes walls. They are designed with superior cutting power. Making them great for cutting nails, screws, and wires flush. The Klein D248-8 will get the job done. This model has an angled head which helps to get into those tight spots.
  • Your next purchase will have to be a few different types of screwdrivers. Screwdrivers come in many different options, here are the most important when considering electrical work: The Klein 603-3 and the Klein 603-4 are a 1 and 2 Phillips tip screwdriver. The Klein 605-4 and the Klein 605-6 are both flat tip screwdrivers. And finally, the Klein 670-6, this screwdriver is probably the coolest screwdriver you will ever use. It is from Klein s rapi-drive family of screwdrivers. It offers a crank-action handle that spins screws fast. It will save you time and effort when installing outlet and switch plates.
  • The Klein 11045 wire strippers/cutters are a good choice for your wire stripping needs. They strip 10-18 gauge solid wire and offer wire looping holes.
  • The last few tools that will be needed are: A good utility knife, (the Klein 44100 will work fine). A hammer, (the Klein 807-18 offers a straight claw and a good rubber grip). A tape measure, (the Klein 928-25HV is a good choice). And finally, a good pair of safety glasses. I would recommend Klein 60053 seeing as they are comfortable and offer good eye coverage.

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